Here’s something to ponder to kick start Tuesday morning. Why is that some homes exude effortless style and others feel staged or uptight? In some pads I want to sink straight in the sofa and curl up with a book and in others I want to head straight for the front door!  Its easy to cosy up rooms infact there are some tricks of the trade that will instantly make your spaces ooze causal comfortableness. I should say that you don’t need to trawl the world to get that eclectic I’ve been to every cool store around the globe type feel.

Now I’ve mentioned this before so I will quickly mention again and not linger on it. If you’re furniture looks uncomfortable (uptight, formal and non squishy comfy) so will you space. Simple as that.

Go one step further and create a spot for relaxing, and I’m not talking in front of the TV. An additional vignette with a cosy chair, maybe a throw, side table plus lamp somewhere else in the room and you will be surprised at how instantly it will bring a sense of ease to the entire space.


Add oodles of textiles. Cushions or pillows add depth to sofas and chairs softening them. If you can don’t match the cushions, as we want each separate piece of furniture to  have its own very distinct personality. Having said that and to confuse you even further on beds I tend to match as I want that sense of cohesion like this beautiful one below:


Add flowers or foliage. Make sure they are causally put together like you’ve just picked from the nearest meadow or your garden, plonk all over the place and they will soften the hard edges of a room like nothing else I know.


Create some tension if everything is rustic it can read as boring same as if everything is super glamorous. The skill is mixing it up, placing something a bit knackered with something a big glossy maybe. The more tension you can create the cooler your pad will be!

Be laid back when it comes to styling artwork and accessories. Put stuff on the floor , prop art on consoles or mantles as well as on walls,  it will diminish that feeling of preciousness. Same with things in rows, break down anything in a row because we want to delight the eye not bore the eye. The more variety the display has the more intriguing and invigorating your space will look.


All photography by Davide Lovatti. I could go on for another hour but I sense I will bore you, so will quit whilst ahead. See you later