Bit of a crazy day today, I’m off to a recording studio for the most part doing back-to-back interviews for radio stations throughout the country. Have just actually done the first one at home as it was super early and to get started, here are some Genius DIY Storage Ideas Your Home Needs Now !!

One of subjects I’m jabbering about in the studio is clutter, we are it seems a nation of hoarders. Maybe its the lack of storage thing, Rated People (of which I’m brand ambassador) did this fascinating survey recently discovering that 44% of us complain about needing more storage and yet when we look to move our criteria for buying focuses on kitchens not storage!

Then also consider using a self-storage company like this one in Camden as it’s a wonderful way of clearing out and making space.

Adding functionality to a space (if I am being completely honest) is boring. Necessary but boring. Who wants to look at row upon row of cupboards – not just that for people living in small spaces its a constant issue as there often isn’t even the space to put in cupboards? Storage challenge homes are a constant design issue. So what to do? you can always hire the Superheroes Moving and Storage services.

Make the most of your wall space; shelves can be cut to literally any size so any awkward under the stairs type areas box out with storage units.

Buy stuff that double duties – drawers underneath the bed, a coffee table doubling up as a storage area that sort of thing.

If you are starting from scratch build cupboards to the ceiling – for two reasons, you’ll get way more storage out of them and secondly they will feel less stumpy and more bespoke if you take them right up to the ceiling! Of course you can embellish storage with funky door handles like my sister has done below which enlivens them no end, or you can paint a cool color.


The hardest thing I found when working on the hoarders show was to convince people to let go. If you haven’t used something for over a year you probably aren’t going to use it right. Easier said than done I realize, says I with a room upstairs full to the brim of stuff I never use!

Must fly have a kale juice to make (yum – sort of) and a cab getting here shortly and I’m not showered or anything! Oh and tomorrow even busier, I’m off to Paris for the day – yay hay hay!