This Friday coming (4th October) I’ll be whizzing to a few Debenhams stores, hanging out by my new collection and generally around if you happen to be in either Lakeside or Westfield. In addition there will be 10% off the entire collection and 15% for card holders for just that day!

I’ll be at Lakeside between 11-12 and Westfield between 2-3pm. Do come by and say hi if you happen to be in either place, the hares which I know are out of stock  right now are apparently winging there way over on the fast plane and should be here for Friday.

Also a big thank you to Livingetc this month and The Times this Sunday  for putting the lamps  in their cool lighting section and Period Living for featuring the candleabra. Amazing!  Very flattered and super overwhelmed at the response this collection is receiving both from the press and from you guys, thank you!


The rhino heads and letters are flying out!

rhinoThe schnauzer cushion (modeled after my very own schnauzy is the top seller out of the cushions)

AbiDebs1_002_0068The penguin is selling like hot cakes closely behind this guy -the number one best seller.

AbiDebs1_007_0202Nab me on Friday if you happen to be at either shopping center and come say hi. xx