Wallpaper is back in a big way and I for one am happy about that. It’s the easiest way to add personality – particularly if you go for some sort of pattern. Ignore all those snooty types who look down on feature walls (its a snobby old business interior design and certain people in the industry the world over condemn them). Reason being everyone and anyone is doing them just flick through any interior design mag and I bet you will see a home with a feature wall!

A lot of times it doesn’t necessary work (hence the sneering looking down upon attitude). The biggest trick if your going bold with paper (or colour) on one wall is that you have to (to a degree) make sure it kind or relates to what else is going on in the room. Otherwise it will make the room feel a bit like a sinking ship, one side is TA DA the other side  blah. Anyways ignore the snootiness I have a feature wall, I love it and I don’t care if its in, out, condemned, black listed whatever (infact it actually makes me want to do it even more). Just make sure you tie in that colour palette and it’s not the main feature in the room. That is the biggest trick having other features that are equally as impressive as the wallpaper to compel the eye and draw it away.

I was flicking through Real Living’s website (coolest Australian magazine on the block) and came across these papers to wet our appetite. Even if they are not your bag hopefully you will see the point I am trying to make which is add pattern. Pattern adds pizazz, it enlivens a space takes it to heights you wouldn’t think possible – all from a roll of wallpaper. Clever no?

The first paper is a chevron designed by Greg Natale, from Porter’s Paints, and check out how these first two images use pattern elsewhere in the room. It intrigues the eye and blurs the focus slightly so although your eye goes straight to it it soon darts off to all the other cool patterned pieces around.

wallpaper gregWallpaper below from Graham and Brown

wallpaper greg wallpaper flowWallpaper also from Graham and Brown

wallpaper 3See you in a bit x