Do you find that you’re constantly putting things off when it comes to paint colours?  Dilly-dallying on colour choices, not sure which route to go down, especially if you are considering going dark?

I get asked a lot about paint colour. Questions like ‘ should we go dark, what if it doesn’t work, will dark colours make a small room look smaller’. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and when we get overwhelmed we sit on the fence which I totally get.  Plus its scary stuff going dark, it’s way harder than going light – you can’t go wrong with light paint. Paint a room out in cream/white/stone and its not not going to work but neither is it going to create waves, drama, intrigue, and delight!

Some tips to help  get you started should you want to of course!

Find the perfect motivator to get you started. Say you’ve been thinking about changing things up for ages but haven’t got round to it, because there are always other things to do, and what if it doesn’t work out anyways? Get motivated into moving by setting a completion date.  Even better set a supper date with the coolest people you know, and suddenly you’ve got a goal to get things done, finished and nailed – the perfect motivator I find! The months leading up to Christmas are a prime example of this, everyone wanting to get their houses looking amazing for visiting friends and family – our phones ring off the hook with queries on colour.

When it comes to painting a wall out in a new hue do it first thing. Nothing worse than picking up a paint brush at 5pm when you’ve got less time, patience and you’re in full crisis mode worrying about whether it will work or not. Tackle it first thing and if it fails hey it fails. No biggie you can start over again at 2pm. Wall in question has dried, and by starting over at 2 its like you’ve just rebooted the morning by giving yourself a second morning.  Can you tell I used to live in the States, love analogies like this!

Don’t quit after the first dark coat. Dark colours look really bad when that first coat goes up. If I had a dollar for every time I pondered around saying I don’t like it lets repaint I would be a rich woman. However I know from heaps of experience to stay with it as when the next coat goes up magic happens.