Tough week this week. 13 hours yesterday, here I am back at my desk this morning at 4.30 this morning with so much to do that I have the urge to just get on a plane with nothing in my bag but a bikini and a book and go hang out by the ocean for the rest of the week. Not that that is going to happen and anyways after the first hour I would be bored as hell (not so good sitting on beaches hanging out regrettably). Plus I have responsibilities being a mother of the two M’s I can’t just ditch them when the going gets tough!

So lets talk business. Firstly I want to thank Livingetc for writing such a fabulous feature about my newly launched Larder. Thank you guys incredibly flattered reading it; you can read the review here.

Secondly lets talk distinctive interiors. Fancy knowing how to create them? Its early I know and I am sure you have better things to do than listen to me banging on about it so I will make it short and sweet.

Most importantly as everyone in my class will know (and will probably be raising their eyebrows right now saying here she goes again) use a unifying colour throughout the room. I’m talking painting the walls, the trim, the window frames (if you can) the doors but most (repeat most) importantly the CEILING all in the same hue. GAME CHANGER! It blurs the lines between the wall and ceiling so rooms feel grander, taller and cooler just by painting out the ceiling. Below you’ll see Nikki Tibbles beautiful pad and she as tied in the ceiling with the wallpaper. Genius


Next up juxtapose casual with grown up, beaten up table next to something a bit posher like a chair perhaps. Marrying that casual vibe with a grown up vibe is so cool I tell you. You can see what I mean in Shaun Clarkson’s beautiful pad. Scuffy table posh chairs – beautiful!

YardleyStreet010_0153All photography Graham Atkins Hughes

There is so much more in my head but I’ve got to run, a 6 pallet delivery arrived to the warehouse with new stock and we’ve got to get it out in store before it opens so I’m off.

See you later oh and thank you to everyone who has answered my Style Panel question much appreciated, oh and any spelling mistakes grammar mistakes forgive no time to read thrux