Morning – today is Debenhams day. I’m off to Lakeside this morning, there between 11-12 and Westfield (Shepherds Bush) this afternoon between 2-3 so if you happen to be in either place do pop by and say hi. There’s 10% off the entire collection and 15% off for cardholders! Very exciting. Its been so bonkers that I haven’t really had the chance to see much of my collection in stores so I am hugely excited.

The theme of today’s post is all about trusting your instincts. In life, in work but mainly for todays purposes at least, in decorating. I find (me included) we tend to procrastinate when it comes to the big decorating decisions. Paint colours, furniture pieces, and the placement of stuff. If you can decorate for yourself (not the Joneses or family or friends) if you can try and not second-guess and just go for it then you are half way there.

Don’t worry about the impact on the visitor; stuff the visitor I say decorate from your point of view no one else’s.

When you surround yourself with varying pieces that you have chosen regardless of where you brought them (uptown, downtown, in a flea in NYC in Australia) no matter how trendy they are, they will work because you know what there is a common denominator and that is you!

I’m asked all the time how I pulled the scheme together in my pad together. I kind of didn’t it just evolved, I brought pieces that resonated with me, made my heart skip a beat, brought it home and it worked. Maybe not where I had originally thought it might hang out but it worked. Yes there will be mishaps you won’t always get everything right, but you learn from those mistakes that is part of the process I reckon.

Below you’ll see Mr Jonathan Adler who I think I am loving more as the years go by. I recently saw a video of him hanging out at home with his hubby, swearing, cursing having total fun and not giving a darn what everyone else thinks, those guys decorate purely for themselves!

If you want to do something do something no point thinking about  “ should I paint that wall that colour that  I love but it might not work’. Follow Adler’s lead we have one life, best make the most of it I reckon and just go for it!


Hey if you thought about things to much you wouldn’t hang a giraffe over a fireplace and plonk a ship on a mantle would you! But it works beautifully!

I’m rambling on, gotta hit the gym and then get ready for my day on the town.