Lets talk bedrooms – I would say bedrooms are probably one of the most important rooms in the house since it’s the first thing we see when we open our eyes and the last thing we see at night (shame mine is so neglected). Its where we relax (I don’t as I hate my current one) but hopefully  you are not like me and have bedooms that are true reflections of who you really are. In my new bedroom (happening the minute filming stops) I’m having a big fireplace (obviously) a clubby old chair to read novels in when I want to escape. There are quite a few of us working from home now it’s a hive of activity Atelier HQ so I’m fancying a room with a door I can close. Also want a huge chandelier crafted from mud no less, a panelled false wall which doubles as a walk in wardrobe, bed linen from Merci and a big slubby merino wall throw. Wall lights , oodles of flowers and way hey think I might never leave. That’s my current wish, that and getting a little better so I can crack on with this rather gruelling schedule.

I love before and afters, I think its one of the reasons I am so obsessed with interiors – the results are so transformative.

Take my bedroom for example a number of months ago it looked like this:

Unfinished, unloved it was literally a dumping ground.

IMG_1766 IMG_1767Now it looks like this

ropey dog

Below are some of my top tips of how I turned the space around.


I wanted a room that felt supremely lounge-y so the minute you walk through the door the space would wrap you up in the squishiest of blankets. Adding oodles of texture was the game changer, rugs, slubby throws, cushions it softens the space so beautifully.

Be Brave

I took the big decision of actually making the room smaller by boxing out a quarter of it including a fireplace and putting in a walk in wardrobe. I got told by quite a few people that I was nuts boxing out a beautiful fireplace however as there are working fires on every single floor in this house it didn’t bother me so much. Plus I could count the number of fires I ever lit in this room on one hand. The two M’s have to come to bed the same time as me every night (being only little they can’t stay up later) so once we’re all snuggled in bed we’re snuggled there’s no getting up tending to a fire!

Be unexpected

I use wall hooks as door handles (check out the super cool bronze ones on my wardrobe door). Just by doing something as simple as this elevates the doors and gives them instant status!

Play with scale

Hanging a chandelier that is to big in a room  gives me my magical twist. I am obsessed with this playing around with scale thing because what it does is it makes rooms feel grander and way cooler than they actually are. Promise!