Gem and I are off to Oz this eve, via Hong Kong where we’re stopping over. We stay in a hotel in Admiralty and although the furnishings are not my cup of tea, its so super-comfortable and lux in an uptight kind of corporate way that we love it – it’s 5 star with all the amenities. We go back every time we are in HK, which is a lot these days. It’s close to one of the dearest neighbourhoods we love called Star Street Precinct. Quiet dead end streets, small tree filled squares where you’ll find Italian, Spanish Vietnamese even craft beer and burger restaurants with boutiques selling French and Korean fashions, British design shops, American perfumers, Japanese stores all within a charming few blocks just a stones throw away from the busting centre.

Our hotel is full of businessman, mostly American’s (it’s an American hotel after all) who leave early and get in late. It’s not uber trendy or what you would call ‘cool’, its not family orientated its business-y plush, quiet and it has this really lovely outside pool area with no one in it. Gem and I swim after eating (I know you’re not supposed too) late at night in the warm balmy air of HK and decompress after a long flight. We wander to 22 Ships, Jason Atherton’s AMAZING tiny hole in the wall tapas restaurant which we love – the tapas is too die for. Gem and I talk strategy and then the next day we’re on another mega flight to Australia – wahoooooo!

Firstly Melbourne, followed by Sydney where we are co-chairing our sell-out Design School. Super-excited about that. Although the flights – I hate flying – and the fact we are only spending 3 actual days in Australia is going to be a bit of a challenge on the mind and body! I’ll be all over social if you fancy seeing what we are up too. West Elm is hosting us for one of the evenings we are there and inviting press for a Q&A with Gem and I so its super-busy but, super-exciting.

I feel like I haven’t spoken to you guys for ages like this, its been so head’s down and work, work, work. The business has gotten super-crazy lately –more so than ever. We’ve only just returned from Shanghai where we set up our concession in a new concept store launching in Shanghai early autumn. We set up the mock store and I cannot tell you how exciting this new homeware store is going to be. There is nothing like it, and with the emergence of the middle class and homeware being something people are now coveting, I think its going to blow them away. Lots and lots too come on this in the coming months.

Pre-sales on our autumn/winter collection have gone through the roof, spring/summer18 is being made up into samples and we’ve got some really cool ideas of where to take the business. Its odd that the only time Gem and I have too come up with ideas these days and strategise are either in some scary tin can hurtling through the air at break neck speed (sorry BA sure that’s not how you would describe the experience) or late at night in restaurants somewhere warm.

Trips are dangerous for us we come back with so many plans and ideas we should do this, we should do that yadda yadda yadda that my head almost bursts!