Violet’s Bakery is a bit of an institution round our way. The owner, Claire Ptak, is a Cali girl who sold her amazing home bakes at Broadway Market for 5 years before opening Violet’s. It’s just down the road from us, and a favourite indulgent lunch stop. Their rosemary infused cheese toasties, coconut macaroons and ginger and molasses cakes are TO DIE FOR.

Violet’s are always experimenting with flavours and take inspiration from all sorts of different cuisines… case in point their roasted fig leaf ice-cream. It’s a personal favourite of mine, because the fig leaves Violet’s use actually come from my own front yard! We have a fig tree at the front, a giant, sprawling thing that overflows on to the street. We oftentimes get a knock on the door when one of the Violet’s bakers needs to harvest another batch of leaves. Sometimes passers-by help themselves to the fruit too… they’re welcome to it frankly, the figs never ripen properly in these grey climes and taste gross.Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 14.56.19

Claire agrees: “The fruit tends to stay under-ripe throughout the season, unless the fig tree has the good fortune to grow inside a walled garden that provides it with much needed warmth. In London fig trees, seldom do the figs turn into much. This suits me just fine because I am mostly interested in those large green fragrant leaves!” So we’ve done a swap – she’s got the fig leaves, and I’ve shamelessly nabbed her Italian Irapinian ice-cream recipe, to share with you guys. Enjoy!

Read on for the recipe…

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