I’m in Hong Kong a lot. A few years back NYC used to be the my most visited city for work, now it’s HKC. I’m a little obsessed with this city – I visit it a lot but I love to go most when it’s still nippy at home (early spring and mid fall) so it always feels tropical and lush but more than that I love it for the diversity. Vertigo inducing skyscrapers cling to the mountainsides with covered and some uncovered skyways connecting offices and malls. As you amble across you’ll pass over temples which you can smell before you see by their heady incense trails, you’ll pass over food markets, little boutiques, stores that have been there for years. The retail is incredible, from super expensive to incredibly cheap.

When we stay quite central, there’s full on hustle and bustle but a short walk away steep plant-filled streets exist everywhere, where you can sip a quiet beer or shop away from the hustle and bustle.


We stay off grid in a business hotel near Admiralty with an open-air pool set amongst the scrapers. Frequented by an international business set, mostly American and British men exquisitely dressed who pile in and out of lifts first and last thing constantly yabbering numbers or tapping away on phones. I always have an urge to wear a suit and start talking investments in those lifts! They rarely use the pool (fine by Gem and I) and I like being surrounded by business people – makes me want to push things further.

The first day as in our just off the plane day is our best before the stress and complexities set in. Say botanicals not passing muster or accessories not quite what we thought, – or drivers not turning up, or customs officials’ not letting us into China as the jet lag and the passport photos don’t equate – funny that. This short window of time in a tropical clime before we financially plan and plot and strategize our next 6 months and talk shop 24 hours a day is the best day.

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Since we were here last we’ve opened a flagship faux florist at Heal’s in TCR and have have a presence in 2 of their other stores, Brighton & Kingston. We’ve launched in Selfridges (lower ground) and have recently gone into their Manchester store. We have our bouquets being stocked by the cool American brand Terrain as well as lots of other cool stores all over. The majority of the own label is manufactured in China so we are constantly in and out of Hong Kong.

If you thinking of going here are some glimpses of some cool places we’ve been to on our travels:




Anyone for Beetroot Negroni, a Dirty Dill Martini or Brussel Sprout Gibson? If so pop along to this cosy bar – seasonal ingredients are key as is the highly experimental approach to cocktails.


Cushioned sofas and tables adorn the IFC rooftop one of Hong Kong’s most high-end shopping malls. You’re even allowed to bring your own food and drink and admire the stunning view.


This beach can only be reached by foot – the view of the islands is amazing and the water is turquoise. Plus they are some secluded waterfalls at the far end of the beach. Fabulous.

22 Ships


Every time we are in Hong Kong we eat at Jason Atherton’s 22 Ships, last time we were think not so many weeks back the man himself was there. Small, buzzy and completely amazing I cannot bang on about it enough. Tapas is the order of play and if I could eat here everyday I would.


I love this area, no sky rise scrapers just lots of little shops, bars and restaurants. Imagine narrow alleyways leafy squares and a fabulous eclectic range of businesses. Gem and I love, particularly Ted’s Lookout bar.