Happy Australia day! I love Aus – it’s always so exciting and inspiring, and is such a design and architecture hotspot. You don’t need to look much further than this amazing colour-explosion home in Byron Bay (one of my all-time favourite house crush posts by the way!), or the famous Walsh St house, or this gorgeous pad in Melbourne to see why. Cool huh?


Following on from all the positive response to my Paris post (thanks guys!) I thought we’d take the AA city guide to Melbourne next. It’s the city that I touch down in most when Down Under, and I’ve actually run a couple of international Design Masterclasses over there so it’s pretty close to my heart. Here are a few of my top spots if you’re visiting:


Firstly drink coffee – anywhere! You can’t say that about many cities but you can literally drop into any place from a hole in the wall to the chicest cafe and the coffee will always be AMAZING. Melbourne has such a big brunch culture too, so it’s worth taking time over your morning pick-me-up. Personally I’m more excited about the coffee, but most coffee spots can whip you up anything from avo on toast and chia puddings to flower-petal adorned waffle stacks and doughnut shakes. (Yep, apparently that’s a thing!). Check out the @melbournebrunch account on instagram for all the brunching inspo you could ever ever need.

street art

I love the colourful street art that decorates so many of Melbourne’s back lanes. It’s sophisticated graffiti emblazoned with amazing murals and well worth a look. If I remember rightly Hosier and Rutledge Lane’s are where it’s at, but any stroll through the city will turn up some very instagrammable shots. If you want to eat out in it as well there’s a big thing for laneway dining. Degraves Street is the best for brunch/breakfast/supper… you name it.


The botanical gardens are a beautiful respite from the heat right in the heart of the city. I’m in love with London’s parks and it’s nice to be able to capture that restful feeling in other cities around the globe too. Plus in the summer the gardens host an open air moonlit cinema – ranging from recent releases to cult classics it’s a must visit. Love.