Hands up who’s doing a dry January? I know a couple of the team here are (and still going, which is impressive!). I’m not strictly cutting out all booze, but as part of a new commitment to looking after myself a bit more I am trying to find alternatives to that glass of wine in the evening. After all we don’t always need that extra glass, and if it’s the difference between a good night’s sleep or a restless night and feeling all puffy and messy, frankly I’ll go for a mocktail every time. Here’s some of the best recipes out there – such a treat that you won’t even miss the alcohol (warning: potential to land you in an addiction treatment facility if imbibed excessively).

Photo: seedlipdrinks.com 

I’ve already told you guys about my fab new discovery Seedlip. They’re infused botanicals and entirely non-alcoholic. It’s honestly so delicious and refreshing. The best way I can describe it is that it tastes like one of the best G&Ts you’ve ever had… only without the G if that makes sense.

Photo: Lindsey Johnson for Café Johnsonia

Another drink I discovered last year is Kombucha. It’s fermented and full of probiotic goodness, which is meant to do wonders for your digestive system, your skin (everything really!). I’m happy to drink it on it’s own as is, but some people (ahem, Gem) can’t get over the taste. It’s sharp and because it’s fermented naturally fizzy – the perfect base for blending drinks I reckon. I’m really excited to try this blackberry and basil kombucha drink from Cafe Johnsonia. Delish.

This last one is simple but delicious. It’s my riff on a non-alcoholic cocktail served at The Third Man bar in New York. Simply combine pear juice with some freshly squeezed lemon and muddle with a sprig of rosemary. Shake up with ice, pour into a glass and top up with sparkling soda water. Fabulous.

Voila! Just some food for thought. I’m never going to go teetotal, but I for one will be trying to mix these into my evening routines a bit more. I really think this is part of a growing movement to try and be a bit more thoughtful in everything. It’s not about quantity, but quality – in fashion, food, drink, working hours, social commitments – everything really. That’s my motto for 2017 anyway! Victoria Moore (author and drinks columnist extraordinaire) wrote a great article on this the other week. Her motto is to drink a bit less, but a lot better. Nails it I reckon!