I love people or brands that do things differently, shake things up, steer away from the norm and none more so than the latest hotel to hit my ‘hood. I say hotel, but Bert’s Barges is in fact a boat hotel. Some of us dream of being hoteliers (I know I have for years!) but never do anything about it as it all feels way too impossible because of the costs involved. Not Bert & May – the designers and hoteliers who have launched Bert’s barges. It’s the sweetest houseboat on Regent’s canal. There are soon to be five permanent barges moored on the canal plus a two-room version, which will continually be on the move.

I take my hat of to the utter innovation of it. It’s pared down in feel and rocking a Scandi vibe with soft grey clapboard walls, Moroccan textiles, cool ceramics – there’s a kitchen, roof terrace, free bikes, a wood burning stove and under floor heating! It’s thoughtful, beautiful and luxurious. There are soft waffle dressing gowns, Aesop products, two complimentary Oyster cards and free use of two Brompton bikes – plus a little rowing boat of your own. I’m not finished yet either as there’s organic wine, Bethnal Green Ale and breakfasts of juice, coffee and pastries. All incredible.

Oh and I should say (because I know some will ask) this isn’t a sponsored post, no one has asked/paid me to bang on about it – I’m just taking my hat off to innovative people who are doing things differently. I love innovation and creativity and I think this idea is genius. I first spotted Bert’s Barges a while ago, and it was love at first sight! The M’s and I pass by it regularly on our strolls along the canal – our favourite past times are dreaming of owning a canalboat (me) and barking at the swans and moorhens (them). Very cool.