Kristin Perers: @kristinperers. A fellow Dalstonista, Kristin Perers is a stylist/photographer who I’ve had the pleasure to work with yonks ago. Her instagram shots are beautifully styled, fun, colourful and light-hearted snaps of everything from local hotspots Dalston Curve Garden and Violet’s Bakery, to behind the scenes shoots with Calgary Avansino.
seeseeDavid Collins is one of the biggest names in design, and I have always had the hugest admiration for his work. He conjured up some of the most elegant, upmarket interiors across the globe – the Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo stores, The Vogue Lounge, The Wolseley, the famous Blue Bar at The Berkeley, Madonna’s pad… you name it, he did it. He died really suddenly and unexpectedly in 2013, it was the biggest shock. Now his studio have put on a retrospective of all his work, and the work that David Collins’ team are still doing now. If you’re in London, all interiors addicts should definitely check out Past Present Future this weekend!


eatGem and I have a stopover in Hong Kong this evening, and I’m itching to get to 22 Ships. It’s the coolest tapas restaurant ever and our favourite haunt in HK! Would seriously recommend. It’s headed up by Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton, who has a string of restaurants everywhere from NYC, London and Sydney to Dubai & Shanghai. Or have a night in, and try whipping up one of his recipes yourself. Japanese lime mackerel with radish and green tea sounds delish.



Blick Bassy is a Cameroonian musician who was playing on the world service radio as I was going to bed. His music immediately caught my attention. The blend of cello, trombone and soft falsetto is so beautiful. Check out his Aké track here.