Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away) sorry that Beatles song just popped into my head when I wrote yesterday. Anyways yesterday it got pointed out (quite rightly so) that I rarely mention window treatments, in fact I probably unintentionally give them the big elbow. Why you may ask. Well I had a bit of a falling out with them whilst working in the States as we had many clients back them who wanted rouched, frou frou chintz curtainy numbers that sort of drove me a little crazy and I haven’t been able to shake that feeling. Plus because curtains when drawn take up the hugest space it changes the atmosphere of a room instantly and I’m not the biggest fan but that doesn’t mean to say they are not cool.

How you dress your windows is a personal thing but Optimum Window is the most diverse steel window manufacturer and they certainly can help you with any project.

In this house we have a double height glass extension at the back over looking the garden, the thought of curtaining or blinding seemed like a criminal offence so instead I planted big mature trees and plants, threw tomato food, seaweed whatever the speediest way was to encourage growth over every single plant and wham bam we now have a walled in garden of grenery so we cannot be viewed by the neighbours and hence no need for a window treatment, in case one needs window treatment click to see more here. Plus I’ve lit the garden so at night its like the house has this whole other outside space doing its own thing. On the ground floor we have shutters, which I never shut (only the ones on the lower ground floor get closed but once the hedge grows a little higher at the front they won’t be shut either). In the bedroom I needed something so opted for simple blinds but I am considering curtains, velvet, brown and a bit teddy bear like in feel I’m thinking.

There are two ways to work when it comes to figuring out treatments either work off the architecture of your pad or dismiss it altogether.  If you don’t want to cover ornate Victorian windows you bought at with curtains don’t, leave them unadorned or blind them instead. What about the neighbours you may ask and their sticky beak sways (Australian terminology for nosy parker) well in my studio I’ve put a console across the window and laden it with foliage, massive blooms and the odd lamp so they can’t really see in. The choice is yours, curtain if you love them, blind if you prefer, or don’t do anything.   Blend them in or make them stand and sing out. With curtains I’m a fan of blending in but that is personal and like everything there is no wrong or right. Go with what you love. Some cool curtain and blind images below to inspire. I can’t show you my bedroom regrettably, have to wait for my new book pub date March 28th btw, cannot wait.



I think its trying to snow, coffee and fire lighting time. Have a good Wednesday