I thought we would start the week off being inspired by Julian Schnabel Palazzo in Greenwich Village. Venetian in style its an incredibly beautiful building with a pretty mesmerising interior. I adore Schnabel’s interiors from the Gramercy Park Hotel in NY  right through to his own pad. Its the mix that is so tantalising old fashioned luxury is shot through with the odd bit of rustic, vague Spanish reference make an apperance as does the odd bit of kitsch.

Its crazy and yet it works,there is a sense of the past and yet you can’t quite place it, colours abound bouncing off of each other tantalising the eye. It feels homely and yet there is a rock n roll  vibe going on . It’s a total  inspiration in individuality – whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea who wants a home that looks similar to everybody else’s – eccentric and unorthodox is the way to go. Happy Monday.

Julian’s pad Greenwich Village New York.

Its crazy, its beautiful and it works.

Comfort rules with the big loungy sofa’s – heavenly.