Have a bit of a problem with hallways and other such similar transitional spaces as often times they are the neglected, over looked and very dull. Mine included!  The key I’m thinking is not to treat them like a passage way and do all the things you would do in a normal room. Layer the lighting – think chandeliers, side lights, wall lights you know the thing. Your hallway sets the tone for the rest of your pad so its important to make it as wow as possible. Shelves are fab – the Ikea lacquered ones were genius (they doubled up as storage) although not sure they do any longer. If you layer such a shelf with artwork, mirrors and lighting it will create a super interesting tone and totally up your style ratings. Being a high traffic area of course flooring needs to be sturdy so not a beautifully woven merino rug then– god dam! I’m making a console for our hallway (did I say me I meant Graham – he is very behind schedule now I come to think of it) and then plonked on each end two of our new animal lights.  Weird maybe, boring certainly not!

A beautiful way of making a hallway stunning – vamp up the colour.

This pretty much nails it – super sweet and a charming little nook

If had the space I would panel the walls put up a couple of cute paintings and buy this chair. Heaven