To match or not to match this is the question. Generally I have an urge to say no too many years spent working as a designer oversees where everything had to be co-ordinated and  ‘decorated’ has made me leap off into the other direction. Until now that is – occasionally I look at a space that has been styled to co-ordinate perfectly and I think why not. If you are going down the matching route lighting and cushions/pillows are probably your best bet. If you can avoid matching the living room furniture please please do. Accessories are fine – great pieces of furniture all in the same style is very dull and to be blunt lacks imagination (lets hope the in laws aren’t reading this) – oops! Collecting pieces from different periods of your life and scattering them throughout your pad is what really makes a home a home. However if you are a first timer or have suddenly caught the decorating bug  (welcome aboard) you have to start somewhere and co-ordinating items is the easiest thing to do. An example below of a living room – simple, homely and not half bad.