Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Decorating your home with books adds instant pizzazz to a space plus it makes you look super smart and sophisticated. You don’t need loads, in my kitchen for example I have four or five piles of cookery tomes (mostly covered in flour and who knows what else) that I have stacked along the island. I haven’t worried about stacking each and every book based on their size (for fear of them resembling an Egyptian Pyramid). The combination of sizes and colours softens my stainless steel island and is a fab yet decorative focal point. When you arrange books on shelves rather than being all library like mix it up a bit stack some vertically, shove some on their backs and lean a couple against the rest. Throw in some decorative items – photos, candles the odd figurine (yes they are making a come back) and wham bam you have yourself a fabulous vignette.

The next two shots are from of Albert Hadley’s apartment. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful.

A few simple stacks turns a relatively simple bookcase into something super stylish and I might not want my books to look like an Egyptian pyramid but I adore this vintage unit below.