I have a huge fat inspirational file of images on my desktop and also in a binder that I often refer to when I need inspiration. It struck me recently when wading through how very few images I have flagged or pulled out on bedrooms. Infact thinking about it there are very few bedrooms I have come across that I love apart from this one which I have posted before:

It belongs of course to Jenna Lyons and is a heady mix of dark walls, tribal rugs and crisp white bedlinen. What is interesting is the space feels intimate and cosy which is super easy to achieve if dare I say it again you consider painting your walls dark. In the image above there is relatively little going on – walls are left relatively naked and yet it doesn’t feel austere instead it feels sophisticated and relaxing.

Another bedroom that caught my eye is this one:

Very hotel ish in feel again with an inky palette and slubby textiles. I am not normally one for symmetry but thinks it  works well in this space. I guess what I am trying to say in very yabbery terms is if you go adventurous with color you get without alot of effect dizzyingly seductive spaces.