Will you excuse me if I have a moan – it’s a moan about shelving and the lack of interesting options out there. You’ve either got Italian super sleek and hotelish looking shelves which are beyond expensive and all right I guess but I’m soooo bored with that look.  Or repro country esq. or Ikeaish which look cheap  unless you box them out to make super gallery like which I often do. In order to get a truly one off bespoke look I say make your own – you can use cheap as chips wood which when painted out (and I love painting shelving the same colour as walls) make them  appear very unique and special.  Almost as if a designer has come into your home and given you a totally bespoke look. Should you be looking for some shelving inspiration have posted a few images to inspire.

Happy weekend everyone. I am working most of it my sister is off on holiday for 11 DAYS (very inconvenient I say) why does she need a holiday????   plus we are short staffed so I am manning the store for some of the days. Disasters shall loom the till and I don’t exactly get on in other words not so sure how to work it !

Isn’t it interesting how if you mix up the combo a bit your walls suddenly get pushed into the fast lane. I adore this look.

You can have shelves in the garden as well you know and how fabulous they look when painted a zingy popish colour.

This would take a bit more work and time to construct but I love its vibe – a cupboard that in essence has been given a rock n roll makeover by its paint colour and softened with simple painted numbers.