Every interior needs one, correction every interior needs a few scene-stealers to take them to a whole other level. Chandeliers or pendants are one of the easiest ways to go,  they don’t have to be supersized (although it helps) but they do have to be shimmery, sparkly or gleamy as like magpies the eye delights at a bit of sparkle!I’ve ordered a massive chandelier for the new store, since we are still farting (excuse language) around with the searches and the paperwork and the solicitors I’ve decided to bring it here! Why not I said to myself, no point having the thing in the warehouse. Will I give it up when the time comes for returning – of course (not)!

My point with these scene stealers is that in order to convey a sense of magic they have to be  kind of extraordinary,  not in the expensive way, rather in the unusual way. Hang them too low for instance, or off center, or wrap their electrical cords with velvet saw that trick time and time again at Maison Objet and they all looked fabulous. You kind of have to pay up or go vintage when it comes to chandelier buying I find, the inexpensive ones tend to look and feel too cheap, I’m not talking zillions but neither am I talking 100 quid, unless its vintage of course and you’ve stumbled upon a bargain.When I first moved here  I blew the only money I had  (think it was around a £1000) on a concrete chair, I was supposed to buy a sofa, a couple of arm chairs the 3 piece deal. This meant for a year there was no other furniture in the house other than this chair! OFF to the funny farm I here you cry (possibly) but I’m an odd one, I can’t just buy any old thing and make do I would rather wait, save, have nothing. Yes it’s a little bonkers and yes its completely impractical but guess what I still have that concrete chair 13 years later and love it as much as the day I stumbled across it.

As I mentioned things don’t need to be super sized to be a scene-stealer, this pendant looks super cool in front of the artwork.

Never mind the lovely sparkling chandelier (which I adore) this is how I want to look at home; hanging out by a table with killer heels, cool clothes and dark hair,. As opposed to current scenario messy blond  horrible hair, mens pajamas (the shop only had them in men’s sizes so way to big, coupled with a long sleeved T)!

Enough from me, have a pile of stuff to get through bigger than this house  and as for the weekend its my only one off before Australia so I’m staying home, cooking, gardening, reading, pottering,  my favorite kind of weekend. Possibly in heels and possibly with dark hair!