We didn’t finish the revamp of the store yesterday, 13 hours after we began still not complete so its another early one today to get it all sorted so we are open and ready for 10.30. Also I’ll be moving some long term pieces out of the store as the new stock is so amazing so will be flash saling them, probably later today I’ll keep you posted, on the blog, facebook and twitter.  The stoop sale I think will be a week on Saturday but again thats not quite set in stone yet but will keep you posted, juggling schedules trying to fit it all in, oh and I will take some pics of the store to show you how its all looking – pretty darn cool if I say so myself.

So this morning I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I skipped a post, not just because of the earliness of the hour but because I’m feeling pretty darn shattered and sitting here at 4.15am I can for once think of nothing to say (other than please can I go back to bed). Which is a no, I can’t!

Back later with flash sale news and again please forgive the lack of post, am sure after a few coffees energy will start returning to my weary self.