I talk about embellishing walls with art often yet strangely enough I’ve done a bit of an edit at home. The art in my hallway bothered me, there wasn’t a large enough collection to cover the whole wall so the little group in question hung sadly in the centre of very long wall and drove me crazy. Now it’s all gone and I’m much happier, with the dado in, splitting up the wall and a more edited collection of art finally the hallway is coming together. Those of you coming to the master classes will see for yourselves I still have an art wall but its on a smaller wall more contained and cosy.

Art is a fabulous way of adding instant personality to walls and I can’t bang on enough about how it adds immediate character to a space. The problem is finding the stuff, having the money and or the time to trawl galleries, markets, auction houses, visit graduate shows and so on. The Internet is a pretty fab resource though for those of us who have little time I’m always seeing stuff on Etsy or EBay. Recently I saw someone frame pages torn from a children’s book which looked lovely hang salon style in their kid’s bedroom. Perhaps the easiest wall to pull any group of art together regardless of subject matter, size or colour is to give them all the same frame.  I’m not the biggest fan of this look I get the overall sense of consistency thing but not totally sure. I’m more of a fan of the eclectic look you need confidence to pull off but believe me when it works it works. No theme is required or technique come to that, instead think all out randomania. Mix frames, pictures and anything else for that matter, letters, mirrors, and plates if you dare. Mix large and small, round and square. This look adds instant energy, texture, rhythm and intrigue to a space. If it seems daunting start small as I’ve done – embellish a little wall, or alcove and a word of warning it’s highly addictive when you see one wall transformed you will want all walls transformed. Luckily Christmas is on its way, I’m thinking of expanding the chimneybreast in order for Santa to get down it with all the art I am sure he is bringing me this year. Listening honey?

Beautiful even more beautiful because this collection of finds is housed  on a dark wall and whilst I’m on the subject dare I say for the zillionith time paint walls dark and magic happens.

Another fab way of embellishing a wall super cool in an office a collection of postcards, notes etc Randomania at its best

And of course its not about just adorning walls, art on shelves, window sills, tables, nailed to bookcases you name it it works.

Before I go just wanted to let you know that Maud as we speak is composing her quickly column on my fb page this morn. Give her half an hour its not quite finished (never easy with a baby brother forever barging into her space)