For once on Sunday a day without work so spent a lazy morning with the papers lingering over coffee sans milk, baking in the afternoon for a family meal and then a cosy hour around the fire with Fraudie (otherwise known as Maud) late in the evening. Enjoyed my space, pottering around with the odd spot of gardening thrown in all whilst listening to Adele. Way behind on the Adele front I know having only just listened to the odd few tracks and now a little addicted to Someone Like You and  Make You Feel.

So I guess my point in a around about way is when it comes to designing your pad forget about following trends or searching for glimpses of the intriguing abodes of the creative community. Instead fill your space with stuff you love, that you connect to emotionally and ignore the Jones’s (not worth keeping up with). Filling your pad with textiles, furniture, accessories and all that stuff that you love makes life just a little happier. When you open the door every evening you want to get a feeling of squishy contentment  (you know the feeling you get when you’ve just downed a double whisky). Our surroundings effect our moods, our ideas and our wellbeing. They make us feel hopeful, comforted, contented and protected. So today’s message is when decorating (and probably in all facets of life) follow your heart not your head – happiness will follow. Therapy  session over happy Monday

Surrounding yourself with things you love, books comfy old chairs , slubby cushions turns a home into a haven.