I look at a lot of spaces on a daily basis and its not often that my heart skips a beat. A space for me has to have a mixture of originality, sincerity and utter genius – coupled with a certain playfullness. If it makes me smile at the same time as being supremely glamourous then I am in love. Below is one such space – its an office and a little bonkers but I adore it.

Dark walls, bright pops of colour – some very amusing art and the most genius thing about it is – da ta its teeny tiny but crammed full of stuff. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – with small rooms you don’t have to sparsly furnish them trying to make them appear bigger. They won’t they are small so go with it, rejoice and layer layer layer. I love that you have to weave you way into the space have created a very similar situation in my own pad its far more interesting I think.
Its a short post today – Maud is late for a walk and chewing the sofa so we are off I’ve overslept so  going out in my pjs with a huge coat thrown over them wearing Graham’s green wellies which are  far to big. Its not such a good look and thank god I’m not famous!