Not normally a fan of white spaces I am I have to say totally at ease with Li Edelkoort’s Paris pad. It generates a serene, seductive, calm atmosphere – down to the fabulous blend of old and new. Filled with charming things it goes to show that you don’t have to be a clutter bug to add personality.

I love that this minimal space doesn’t feel exclusionary as so many white places do – and today more than any day I feel like I could slump on that sofa of hers with a peppermint tea and a good book.

Back to real life – Maud peed on the bed at 6am – decided as I was up to go for an early morning swim at the gym as aching and sore after a frantic weekend opening our new concession at Bluebird.  The car wouldn’t start, jumped on the bus to find that the pool was closed due to some chlorine disfunction.  I am going to dream ( in amongst working on my stack of paperwork today) that I am sitting in Li’s house relaxing!

By the way – we are now officially open at Bluebird – hurray!