Its funny no how trends come and go.  One minute we are all into feature walls painted a different colour to the rest of the space and the before you know it they are  yesterdays news and everyone scorns them . One trend that seems to go on and on is the retro one particularly 50’s inspired or should I say Mid Century Modern. I too am a fan but I like to mix it up a little as all one style just seems too formulaic for me.

Take this image for example – beyond beautiful but a tad too expected. Of course its personal but interiors that follow a recipe are the easiest to achieve and thus don’t excite the imagination in any way. Everything you see is 50’s – what about a smidge of kitch (before you all freak when its married to craft its idiosyncratic and utterly lovely) or how about rustic, Victorian, Rococo you know the drill. Mix era’s don’t go for one look otherwise I will be spending the next 40 odd years of my life droning on about how boring everything is.