I was wondering why is it that so many of us play it safe when it comes to decorating? This playing it safe look for me at least often times results in spaces that feel very uptight, totally formulaic and I don’t quite understand  why anyone would want to live in a home that feels such a way. Homes that nail it for me are those that take risks that’s why time and time again in the glossy’s you see only the homes of designers, artists and architects featured. Often times you see things in these homes that are a little out of the ordinary and off radar and  but not always super expensive. Take my gnome for instance that hangs out on the balcony of my studio he has almost gotten himself a fan base after The Selby shoot. There is something a little wrong about him that makes him work if that makes any sense at all. Take a punt, and a risk and opt for the odd thing (not many things mind as you don’t want a crazy pad) that feels not only adventurous but takes you out of your comfort zone. Also only please yourself don’t give two hoots about what neighbours, freinds, and family think (goodness knows how much ribbing I’ve gotten from  extended family over the years) do I care – nope. Playing it safe is boring and if our homes are where our hearts are why on earth would we want to live in places barely decorated or feel so much like show homes you can’t imagine anyone living there.

Me in my studio with the odd find that’s a little risky and pushes a few boundaries – my gnome for instance which doubles up as a light and should really be hanging out in an  amusement park and the wooden head on my desk (quite hard to see) which houses my sunglasses.

APhotograhy Games Geer

Art is another great way of taking risks, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who cares if you love it have it.

Did cupboards get any cooler? Adding that element of differentness turns a space from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant