As you probably all know I am an advocate of easy relaxed living -  formal uptight interiors induce an instant migrane in me I hate to say. I am often asked how to achieve this laid back vibe and it really is super easy. Its all in the combination – think sexy Manhattan mixed in with dramatic Baroque and a little bit of country rustic thrown in. It looks thrown together in a hap hazard manner except it isn’t its thought about and planned. The thing is to have confidence if it doesn’t work so what – I still make mistakes often (look at the wallpaper disaster).But you learn and grow from mistakes and end up with something super cool.

Also think about texture – multi faceted combining the rough with the smooth will create an effortlessly chic pad and I find in this funny old job of mine people often forget about it.   The image below taken by Jake Curtis (of my pad – except none of the furnishings are mine) shows just  how beautifully  you can combine country rustic  with modern glamour. If you happen to have inky grey walls as well then the hugest gold star – I am on a mission to convert people over to the dark side. Dark walls make you feel skinnier and happier I promise!

Happy Friday everyone I have had about two hours sleep  couldn’t switch my brain off last night for some reason so  am planning from this moment forth on not getting out of my pjs the whole weekend. Good look hey!