So the builders chopped down the majority of foliage but have left three old trunks of wisteria which the architect wants gone and we are all hoping to persuade not to. I don’t have any faith it will mean they will have to fence around the trunks rather than going in a straight line and seeing what they did opposite to those other poor neighbours gardens verges on the criminal. Am going to try and not focus on it as its far too upsetting.  It couldn’t be crazier with work and I now have to run to nurseries to buy big established plants to plant side by side to give us some privacy back and what’s more the water ban starts tomorrow. God Dam!! Poor Mungs and Maud can only go outside on leads as there is literally no back wall until the fence goes in sometime in the next two weeks as they will escape so they are super cranky. Double God Dam, it’s not the happiest household right now!

On a more positive note 3rd episode of Get Your House in Order is on tonight (8pm Channel 4) and we’re in Manchester in a super cool loft apartment. I’ve got to come up with a scheme that changes this couple’s lives, that makes them love their home as much as I love mine, and will hopefully take the focus off their mindlessly spending. Will I be able to pull if off, suspense; suspense shall leave you guys to find out!

I actually whole-heartedly believe that decorating changes lives. If you live in a pad that you’re proud of it gives you the greatest buzz, its makes you instantly happy no matter how rough the day the moment you open the door you won’t want to leave. Home is where the heart is as the saying goes, and I believe stuff like cooking, cleaning, working and relaxing is so much more enjoyable if you love your surroundings. Maybe I should become a preacher and stand on stage with a great big mike and a choir and preach this message.

Enough I here you cry!! OK, OK  I am off, to meetings, to nurseries and to a full on crazy working Easter, back on Tuesday, happy Easter everyone.

This is the kind of dense foliage I am after. How I’m going to find something this tall in 2 hours (its all the time I can spare) in central London is another thing coming. Hey ho if you see a crazy woman in a white van zooming all over town this afternoon its me, on the hunt for established plants. How such plants even if I can find them will go into the van is a far too practical problem for me to worry about right now!