I love rugs I love how they dramatically change a space from ordinaire to extradinaire. Funnily enough they are often the last thing I source – everything else I find easy peasy rugs take me a little longer. There are rules although often times I break them but the theory goes if you already have pattern on your walls or furniture opt for rugs with solid colours as too much pattern can be a little overkill. I have inky painted walls so have opted for patterned rugs to enliven my space.

They are great for cosying up a space, adding texture and a focal point and they don’t have to cost the earth. Anthropology, Ikea and Habitat have some fab ones. Below are a couple of images from the Rug Company who have made rugs sexy all over again – I am rather fancying that dressing room below I have to say!

Rather loving this room – the pattern and texture of the rug is fantastic. Without it very plain with it – fabulous!

This is the bedroom of my super cool friends Graham & Jo Atkins Hughes with a rug from the rug company. Heavenly – if they didn’t live two minutes away I would copy this look in a nano second!!