Interesting feature in this months US Elle Decor with a handful of designers discussing why they love brown. Some have embraced the colour full wack others have been rather more subtle. I am on the fence for once. I adore brown in upholstered pieces from my tatty old leather chair, to super sleek velvet club chair but have never quite gotten it right on the walls. I try it and then the next day paint it back again probably because the browns I have used are never quite dark enough. The fab thing about this colour is that it works with so many other hues and never shouts for attention so its a lovely base note to use through out a space.

This space is designed by Robert Stilin and actually is my favourite of the bunch – relaxed, lived in and supremely sophisticated. It works because Robert has mixed up the tonality and the texture-  the floor is palest oatmeal whilst the sofa is almost peat, then tan, coffee and a whole bunch of other tones come into the mix. Rough textures hang out with smooth textures to create a very interesting combo.

Not that keen on this space I have to say – with out breaking up the tone much the whole space to me at least fills a little flat and lifeless. There is the odd variable in texture but not enough for my liking.

This is interesting not purely because its not all one hue but also because there is a riot of interesting textures playing off of each other. A super soft rug floating on a shiny shiny floor, the rough stone walls, slubby cushions coupled with  super sleek lighting fixtures. Madeline Stuart designed the space which overlooks the Snake River Valley and mountain range in Wyoming and she wanted the palette to reflect the landscape outside.