We all have them bland spaces that is, myself included but fear not there are all sorts of fabulous things you can do to ratchet up the style ratings. One trick is to consider wallpapering as opposed to painting. Painting is easy yes but then wallpaper is tactile, enveloping, sexy,  beautiful  a great focal point in which to offset furniture and soft furnishings.

I adore this beautiful peacock green Chinese silk wallpaper. It insulates, is glamorous and  pretty darn cool. Noami Cleaver designed the space and as you can imagine a simple painted wall just wanted have the same effect.

Another fab tip is to add moulding it’s so transformative for rooms lacking any architectural detail.  You can make any room or nook feel cosy ( think gentleman’s club). We did exactly that to our stand at Maison Objet in Paris. Mouldings add depth and give character to a space as seen rather beatifully below:

Another trick is to add an element of levity and irreverence – you want your space to look visually dynamic right. So add the odd whimiscal touch say an animal here or there (may I suggest one of our stoneware lights)!! Play with scale, seek out wibbly wobbly pots, paintings that make you smile rugs that dazzle and before long bland room syndrome will be a thing of the past