Sincerest apologises for the lack of posts these last few days – things got a little crazy -  buying for the store, part time manning of the stand, sleeping hardly at all etc. The city of Paris and I have sort of fallen out – am sure its only a temporary  tiff and we will no doubt fall back in love but this time round wasn’t so in love. I shall put it down to crankiness of mood – for a start I couldn’t sleep the apartment (barely the size of a shoe box) was beyond hot, you could open the window but not that much otherwise you were right in someone else’s dining room! Plus it’s a nosy city everyone is on motorbikes roaring and tearing around the streets – Maud is terrified of the sound so every second she was scraping to run away or  cowering on the ground shuddering. And (last moan I promise) I hated the coffee, a small thing I know but I am a bit of a freak when it comes to coffee and London isn’t great, there are only a handful of fab coffee places but at least some are right out my front door so they make starting the morning a delight – there it is, bet you’re glad you weren’t hanging out with me these last few days!

Anyways as I said I’m putting it down to lack of sleep and overall tiredness these past few months – I don’t think  I have ever worked so hard and travelled so much since the business began and am a little done in. Lets get down to business, ignore my weary old mood and talk interiors. I came across a space recently shot for Italian Elle Decor that used dark colours beautifully but at the same time the apartment was minimally furnished. I realise since the Selby and Mercedes Benz shoot that many of you love the dark side but are a little concerned in how to go about finding all the kind of stuff that I have. It takes time, a beautiful home cannot be filled in an instant with stuff from one store otherwise it feels and looks too off the peg. My place didn’t start out full it happened over time and although the apartment below feels a little gallery esq I wanted to illustrate that you don’t need alot to begin the conversion over to the dark side.

Start with a dark or in this case black background hue, when you break it down there is very little else going on here – a small scattering of furniture very few high voltage hues and yet it looks and feels quietly sophisticated.

And if going all over dark doesn’t appeal consider painting out window frames and wall in  dark sludgy inky hues as it adds instant drama as seen here in this bedroom.

AND everything doesn’t have to be dark – check out the pale grey walls with the beautiful collection of art in dark frames its subtle, its clever and I like.

Photography by Kasia Gatkowska