Have to type doubly fast this morning as its a crazy day with much to do, coupled with the fact that the shower’s busted and the Merc has completely broken down, so baths and public transport are adding to the hassle factor. Never mind that lets talk about my favourite subject pattern and texture. They are the herbs and spices of the decorating world, they take a space from drab to fab in a nano second.

I’ve become a little obsessed with rugs – (fabulous for adding both texture and pattern). When I should be spending money on clothes (since I have none) into my radar pops a totally cool rug and then there is no fight. Crazy, I used to be so into clothes and excited by clothes and now I’m just not, they don’t do it for me. Paint, rugs, cool art, furniture makes my heart skip a beat not clothes. Need to address the balance I guess but something in me has shifted, but hey I’m digressing back to rugs. Rugs are so fabulous for adding texture particularly when you layer like this.

As I say a zillion times the more layers you add the more interest you create.

Next up pattern, pattern adds intrigue and is a vital component of any interior. Wallpaper is great for adding pattern, particularly the kind you make up yourself like plonking tear sheets on a wall, again as seen below. Love this idea in home offices or little nooks around the house. Although zillions of images have been used it doesn’t feel crazy as the colour palette is restricted and it’s so easy to do.

OK gotta fly – have a great day