Am being super organised and posting today rather than tomorrow morning since I am up with the larks tomorrow and off at the ungodly hour of 5.45. Yuk! Haven’t seen anything of the weekend since its been utterly worked based so feeling a bit sorry for myself.  To cheer myself up I have been going through my inspirational heap of images since our hallway is bugging me ever since my wallpaper idea failed so dismally and I need a new plan. I’m staying with bold dark colours (I want the hall to  be a head turner after all not a shy flower of a room) so I am going to contrast my inky grey walls with a table sprayed in the most scarlet of scarlets.  The trick when using accent colours is to vamp up the intensity – think hot pink, acid yellow, and of course my scarlet. The plan being the hall becomes more than just a transitional space to walk through it becomes a statement in its own right and who knows before long we may just be sipping cocktails and hanging out on the stairs!!

Taupey brown and orange are a marriage made in heaven – without this bright splash of colour on the table the space would not look nearly so endearing. The fab part you can pick up old tables for a song and completely transform from drab to fab in an afternoon.

Here’s the red I am rather drawn to – I think when  partnered with my inky, smoky walls it will look dramatic and daring.

Am wondering why people are so scared about using colour when it can look this good – even if you only use it in isolation like a door for example.