Morning, a little weekend post from me as I forgot to to mention that’s it with blog posts until Friday, hectic schedule and traveling to Australia means as much as I think I can squeeze the odd one in realistically I can’t.

Cannot wait to meet you all, we kick off in Melbourne (dreaming about the coffee already) and end in Sydney where regrettably I fly straight back home after teaching on Monday. Bonkers, quite possibly but a little time of something is much better than no time at all, believe me,  am talking from heaps of experience in that department!

Haven’t got my head around the flight  yet either but lets not ponder on that, whilst I’m incommunicado would it be terribly mean to set you a challenge? With Christmas fast approaching and many of us slinging upon our doors to relatives, friends and family we all want our homes to look top notch and to tantalise our guests. If you can’t get to our Christmas master classes have no fear, the easiest way to give your home kudos is to add a dash of colour, doesn’t need to be applied to the walls you can accent with accessories, flowers, you name it. Colour transforms homes so if yours feels like it needs a facelift add colour, if it doesn’t pull at your heart strings and beckon you home when you are out and about, add colour, if its feeling OK but not fabulous ADD COLOUR.

So its an easy little challenge this adding colour, oh and a word of advice if you can go a little off radar with your accent colours, you will be amazed at just how it turns things around, trust me!

Its the easiest decorating tool in the book, cannot bang on enough about how transformative it is. Talking of adding colour when I step off the plane in a weeks time I’m straight on it at home no more thinking time its now about doing time. With  shorter daylight days we are in our homes even longer so they need to be the best place on earth that you want to be in. On the plane shall  start compiling my to do list (room in question below) , its badly in need of a revamp have been talking about doing it for yonks and now no more thinking just doing because as my favourite saying in the world goes ‘actions speak louder than words’

Have a lovely week x