I am still obsessing over the Australian food scene. I’ve had a foodie orientated weekend; blending nut milks, having breakfast at Granger & Co and trying out my Antipodean cook books creating delicious suppers – I’m hooked.

Gem and I didn’t make it to al the foodie places we wanted to while we were out in Oz, so I think I might start a list and start to tick them off. One place, which is giving me some serious food envy is, The Little Black Kettle in Melbourne. Their Instagram is swoon-worthy and makes me feel hungry just thinking about it.

I had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in Australia – sure the great weather and the ocean always only a short stroll away helps, but the Aussies have perfected the art of breakfast. The Little Black Kettle in Melbourne has cracked it too (no pun intended). I don’t see my love of Australia fading anytime soon.