Hi guys, I’m rechristening House Crush “Bar Crush” this week! I oftentimes get inspiration for my own pad from places that aren’t residential – a museum, gallery, luxury hotel, sweet little cafe, but most of all bars and restaurants. I always want to capture that cool, laidback, squishy contented sipping-a-whiskey vibe at home. Whenever we make our trips to Hong Kong, the regular haunt for Gem and I is Ted’s Lookout bar. People watching in an industrial meets tropical hangout, sipping espresso martinis to unwind after a very long day? Yes please. Perhaps we should blame it on all the martinis, but Ted’s has actually ended up being a big inspiration for the stand we’re exhibiting at Autumn Fair, so you never know where ideas might come from!

And today I can’t think of a better way to spend a drizzly grey Wednesday in London than imaginary jetsetting. Let’s start at Ted’s and jet around the globe from Singapore to Mexico to NYC and back to London. There are tons of ideas to pick up along the way too, it’s got me thinking of lightbulb installations, industrial hangout spaces, leather cladding, tropical botanicals, exposed brick and now I even really want a swimming pool on the roof! Come and take a whistlestop tour through the world’s most amazing bars and get inspired.