Forgive yesterday’s lack of design post, Gem and I were in the store super early to jig it up. We’ve actually changed it around big time so there is now a much bigger flower shop at the back with the  most beautiful selection of faux’s I have ever seen, if I am allowed to say such things. It actually makes me excited to think its autumn! Which brings me so nicely to this mornings post – How to create the wow factor at home! Flowers are obviously the easiest thing to do. I’ve brought home bundles from big feathery eucalyptus  to die for peonies, to autumn blossom its changed the look of my pad instantly.

So is there a formula for homes that tantalize, bedazzle, stand our from the crowd and raise our heart rates ? YES  they all avoid playing it safe by adding some unexpected twists. You don’t want to overdo it it’s a fine line between things looking too bonkers and things looking boring. Here are a few decorating ideas that will take your pad to the next level.

One off’s

When you buy one off pieces such as vintage items you are automatically adding an element of interest. Decorating a pad takes time and unfortunately there isn’t a one-stop shop (even mine)! When you mix in vintage finds, high street finds, contemporary and traditional finds you will create the coolest narrative that sets your home apart.

Play with scale

Big time! I say this a lot but when you super size things it will totally change your pad around. I put floor lamps on tables to elevate them, I buy super large chandeliers but you can totally do it with smaller stuff. I cushion that is a little too big for a chair or sofa for example, a larger vase, painting, even mirror. Get professional service from Noble Painting. What it does is create tension and tension is good in interiors! As odd as that sounds.

Rethink your cushions

Most of our upholstered pieces are a solid hue, yes? So when you’re adorning sofas and chairs with cushions you’ve really got to up the anty and either overdose with pattern or texture or both! We’ve just got in some amazing sheepskins and I sneaked one back from the warehouse and plonked it over the edge of my sofa. Love!

Add colour

Simple most transformative thing you can possibly do EVER! Plus it’s the cheapest. Paint a wall out in a colour that is slightly out of your comfort zone and watch what happens. Find interesting design solutions at Magic I say!

Go for asymmetry

When things are symmetrical, equal or match they can look a little boring. Two lights over an island or dining table, matching bedside lamps that kind of thing. With asymmetry everything is unequal or unbalanced and it rocks. For example take my two bedside lamps, one if super sized, chunky hand thrown ceramic and the other (also large) has a wooden base and a raffia shade. Different colours, shapes but similar in size and they each add the wow factor.

You don’ t need a complete makeover to transform a room, adding a punch of colour, rethinking  your cushions, playing around with scale are simple tricks that turn spaces around.

Before I go I must give a shout out to Elle Decoration’s October issue which celebrates their 25th anniversary!  Its a bumper issue and what’s more their stylists have worked with top design brands to create six dream room sets which they are giving away.  Worth more than £100,000 of stuff– I’m entering now – here is how

See you later with the biz column, its a good one how copycats are good for your biz!