Let’s talk Spring, shall we? Before I do its a long weekend here (4 whole days off). I’m sure that won’t happen but I’m going to pretend it might – so no blog until Tuesday just to warn. With the clocks changing this weekend and the new season definitely upon us it’s a great time for a bit of a shake-up in the bedroom. (Ahem! Not that way, but you know what I mean – strictly talking decor here.) Some simple style changes are all you need to switch it up for Spring so here goes:


I’m sure you must be bored of me saying it by now, but plants really do refresh a room like nothing else! I love how in this room a mini jungle has been created on top of the wardrobe, of all places. It just goes to prove that there’s always space to create the lush planted look – consoles, windowsills, shelves, anywhere goes! Plus, hanging plants up high has the bonus of drawing the eye up towards the ceiling and visually expanding the space. Win win.


This is the oldest trick in the book! Nothing simpler than a fresh coat of paint. Even a tired looking old wardrobe or bedside table can be given a new lease of life. I’m a bit obsessed with greens at the mo. Love the zingy wardrobe colour in the pic above, it really makes the room! Mercer Green is a good match if you’ve got your own DIY project to tackle. Or if you fancy getting really creative, take inspiration from their patterned carpet and try out a paint splatter effect on walls, furniture or even the floor.


This is a super easy one. In bedrooms, the bed is always the main focal point and takes up the most real estate, so just changing up your bedding instantly updates the whole room. Gone are the more wintry fabrics – thich faux furs, tweeds, velvets etc – and in with lighter textiles. It’s visually a ton lighter and airier, not to mention that it’s more weather appropriate as the nights (hopefully!) get warmer. Don’t strip everything off though because you still need those all important layers and decorative touches. A few cushions, a  lightweight throw or maybe one simple sheepskin slung at the bottom of the bed are all you need for spring style.


Get the look spring greens

Clockwise from top left: Hanging faux succulent | Faux staghorn plant | Glo-ball ceiling light, Flos | Rug Inka, Idyll Home | Jumbo banana leaf | HURDAL green linen cabinet, IKEA | Summertime throw | Antique gilded Italian bed, 1stdibs