I’m pretty obsessed with somewhat rougher, cheaper materials at the moment and how to make them look luxe. Corrugated iron, concrete, worn leather and plywood look achingly cool but also low-key glam in this dining room. It doesn’t need the finest marbles and damask to make a statement, which is always good news in my book! The reason it works? Well you’re probably sick of me saying it but it’s all about texture again. OF COURSE!

Raw flooring, grained plywood and rough timber up against the snuggliest curly sheepskins, the polished concrete table and smooth metals… it’s a match made in heaven. All so different but they play so well together. Love. Plus it’s not actually difficult to recreate – you can cheat cladding with our new faux panels (my new favourite thing) and there’s nothing simpler than whacking up a sheet of plywood on the wall! It’s got me thinking of the new store, and all sorts of thoughts are swilling round in my head, from concrete cladding and reclaimed wood to repurposing vintage leather.

The textural story is continued right down to the accessories and plants too. A bit of greenery, beautifully patina-ed brass pieces, and the fabbest raw candelabra that I spy up on the shelf. Speaking of, I get asked a lot in my Design Schools about what to do with that awkward gap on top of kitchen cabinets, if they don’t go all the way to the ceiling. Well this is how you do it – arrange a collection of your coolest accessories. They need to be large, bold pieces though otherwise they’ll be lost up there. This candelabra and the large bowls and vessels are perfect. It’s another opportunity to show off all your coolest stuff rather than shutting it away in a cupboard, plus it draws your eye up instead of stumpifying the room. Win-win.

Love this space and hopefully it will spark all sorts of ideas about how to bring a touch of flair to kitchens and dining rooms. It’s the holiday home of Swedish architects Lotta and Henrik Imberg – you can spy more of their house here. Oh and here’s how to nab the look for your own pad…




Clockwise from top left: Gilbert metal cabinet | Iron Petals pendant lights, Anthropologie | Rivington Blue paint | Raw Candelabra, madeindesign | Putney concrete dining table | Brass candle holder, Urban Outfitters | Holar curly sheepskin | Lotus plant