I am a little bit obsessed with libraries as they feel all gentleman’s clubby and grand, no more so than this one from Nanette Lepore’s pad. I adore this room. I get an instant psychological jolt of happiness when I look at this space – I love that interiors can do that. Now you might think you need zillions to pull of this look and whilst it has cost money you can achieve the very same effect without spending the earth – the very same principles apply.

Pare down your collections:

Although there is a lot going on in here, if you really drill into it you’ll see the pieces in the space are all well thought out and considered. It’s not messy and disorganised, it’s chic and sophisticated.

Customise the space:

If you want a luxe library look then opt for dark hues (yay hay). Also panelling (or faux panelling – there are so many cool wallpapers out there) does the trick nicely. Inject an element of the unique too. These guys have installed a ship chandelier (love love love), but you could equally plump for a cool artwork, sculpture, or fab accessory that sort of thing.

Break up the straight lines:

How many times do I bang on about this – only yesterday, I think! But it really is important. Add some interesting shapes or silhouettes like the rounded curve of an armchair, the little tables that mismatch hexagons and circles. The mix of lines adds way more intrigue.

Add the odd vintage piece:

Once you add something old or vintage like that amazing Chesterfield sofa it instantly shouts “luxe library”. Doesn’t have to be a big piece some art, old vase or small table even a rug will do the trick. Easy right?

Mix up the textures and restrain the palette:

To create the ultimate dynamic library mix up your textures. Books already create heaps of texture so that’s in the bag. Then mix woods with fabrics, glass with wood, leather with silk. As well as your reading collection, accessorise with vases, candles and cushions for the perfect little reading nook.



Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 23.10.10

Clockwise from top left: Beni Ouarain vintage carpet | 19th century French ship chandelier, 1st Dibs | Tiger faux fur cushion | Animalia beaded zebra cushion, Jonathan Adler | Budded astilbe | Polygon pedestal table, CB2 | Turquoise leather pouf, Maison de Marrakech | Pablo burnt orange armchair, Graham & Green |  Hindsdale marble table