There is real skill when designing a room with a limited palette to still make it look tantalising. I’ve banged on about this all the time, and why reigning in your palette is the fast track to a sophisticated look. Here I’m doing something a bit radical though, well radical for me anyways. I thought I’d show you guys a paler room, one that still manages to combine elegance with a bit of an edge. This is how you pull it off if perhaps you’re renting and can’t paint your pad, or for whatever reason you’re just not ready to convert to the dark side yet (Join us! We have cake.)

With a restrained palette you have to bring in some cool elements, so super sizing things works really well. As well as the dramatic high ceilings and big mirror, check out both the art pieces – they add an immediate element of intrigue. The bigger the better with art, it makes such an impact and doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Propping one such piece also adds a dose of informality, which is always good in my book. Nothing worse than snooty uptight interiors!

Adding a touch of black will always ground a room and make it instantly cooler. I love the sophisticated black notes from the lamp to the accessories, to the coffee tables. The accessories bring just the right amount of personality and humour too, from animals (every room should have one!) to the oversized vignette on the mantel. If you’re not sure how to pull it off, here’s my failsafe guide to creating vignettes.

Texture is also used cleverly – the woollen rug floating on polished floor boards, the texture of one of the paintings against the smooth milky wall. Its a serene, sophisticated space, thoughtfully decorated. A rock and roll or eclectic boho home isn’t for everyone, sometimes you need something with elegance, glam and quiet sophistication. Particularly when a room has such amazing bones like this, you might want to show it off no? Speaking of have you guys seen the Maison Hand home in March’s issue of Elle Dec? I’m totally obsessed with this design duo, they have the coolest dark home. This new pad of their’s in Elle Dec actually isn’t inky, it’s a light, airy and elegantly panelled apartment in Lyon. Obviously I would prefer dark, but it was amazing that they could pull off both hues and styles so beautifully, and still bring an edge to a pale space. Just goes to show, it can be done!


Camerich WTW

Clockwise from top left: XL Canyon vase | Dash ceramic vase, West Elm | “In a Nutshell” painting by Carl Fowler, Saatchi Art | ERA sofa in biscotti leather, Camerich* | Raven bookends | Metal frame leather chair, West Elm | Dora Maar vase, Jonathan Adler | “In the Blink of an Eye” painting by Carl Fowler, Saatchi Art

*PS: Camerich have a sale on until 31st March, so worth getting in there early! They’re online at and also have 8 showrooms now open in London.