Last week I was talking hallways and how to make the most of them. I think people panic that there’s nothing they can do in a tiny hallway, so they’re just resigned to having a bit of a bland walkthrough space. Well no more, I say! Today I wanted to show you guys this incredible room, drill down into why it works, and what’s more how you can recreate it in any space, big or small.

There’s such a super cool vibe here, but that has absolutely nothing to do with size. Basically all of the best stuff is up on the walls, so floorspace doesn’t matter at all! Even in the teeniest space you can go big with some incredible colour – I’m obsessed with this intense blue, it actually inspired my Rivington Blue paint. Moody inky blues look amazing in all sorts of rooms, but particularly good for hallways. Why you might ask? Because they’re oftentimes some of the smallest spaces, and always ones you just pass through. In short the perfect place to experiment and go outside of your comfort zone with a colour that you might not want in say your living room or bedroom. Plus a bold hue will always knock your interior out of the park, size irrelevant.

Once the colour’s nailed, the next thing is to add personality, textures and layers. Yep, layers even in a small space! Decorating with books is always a super speedy shortcut tip for creating texture and adding intrigue. If your space is somewhat on the bijou side you can still make room for a mini library by building up over a doorway. I love this idea, it’s clever cool and unexpected, and it works to make the most of awkward narrow hallways and high ceilings. If you’re on a tight budget you can easily get the built-in look by combining cheap IKEA units or a DIY MDF job even, like we did in my studio. Or for the quickest cheat of all, fake it with trompe l’oeil wallpaper. That’s what we did at Gem’s pad, and I love it!

The finishing touch, the cherry on the cake if you will, is the awesome eclectic artwork and travel finds. It’s a cool collection all by itself, but I also have to say that I reckon the paint colour instantly elevates it and makes it even cooler! It’s the perfect backdrop and what’s more I adore the combination of art here. It’s easier and cheaper than you might think to create your own art gallery. You can take posters and print of old classics, modern photography and even holiday souvenirs to create something that looks like the most sophisticated curated collection. As always, it’s all about the mix.

Hope that’s helped give your hallways a boost! Here’s how to get the look for your pad too…



Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 17.18.52

Clockwise from top left: A man in a red turban, | Rivington Blue | Genuine fake bookcase wallpaper | Royal mask and Fang Mask, Nyami African Masks | Pico petrified wood side table | BILLY bookcases, IKEA | Silent Conversations by Hendrik Kerstens