So when is white alright you might ask? Everyone seems to think I hate white. Not totally true – I’m definitely not a fan of white for walls and floors – but for accessories I love. It’s a fabulous accent colour. Neutrals and whites in particular are super important, as they help balance your scheme. If you’re going to go big and bold with colour (hooray!) you can’t forget about the neutrals. So in my darkly painted out London pad I have lots, think accessories like cushions, vases, objects and rugs.

Another thing quite a few people get wrong with whites that they don’t throw in enough texture, so often spaces feel stiff, with all the surfaces the same and flat. In interiors you need two things (A) a lot of relief and (B) a lot of friction. This is probably about the only industry where that applies but it’s an important point!

Also the milker and creamier you can go with your whites the softer and better your scheme will look. Really stark, soulless whites don’t do it for me. So when it comes to going dark don’t think you have to ditch the pales altogether, as adding neutrals will give your scheme more gravitas and look far more intriguing than if everything were a different bold hue. These are my favourite pics from COLOUR, that show a clever use of white. There is a whole section on this actually in COLOUR so you don’t have to banish white, you just have to use it a little more thoughtfully and sparingly than you thought!