Morning I thought today it might be fun to take a quiz.  Have you met our team yet? I grilled everyone for our meet the team page on the website and one of the Q’s I asked was which AA lamp they would be. We’re a mixed bunch and I think it says quite a lot about our personalities. I ummed and ahhed for ages, but in the end I plumped for the porcelain chandelier. It’s raw but refined, glamorous, handmade and totally unique. Just like me then she says!

team lights

Gem went for a similar sort of vibe (I’m not calling her a copycat just saying) with the Mud Beaded. Katherine and Craig went for some of our swankier statement chandeliers (no comment), G and David both quirky more tongue-in-cheek lamps, and then Rebecca and Russ some of our more textural, handcrafted pieces. (The M’s didn’t choose their lights, I reckon they’re still holding out for their own designs!).

I thought I could let you guys join in the fun and discover the lamp you’d be. The quiz reveals your lighting style, do you gravitate towards a more rustic vibe, glam, classical? It’s a journey of self-discovery if you will! Oh and also if you fancy joining the crew above we’re looking for new staff to join the sales team in London.

Take the quiz and let me know what you got!…


tc     rg