Apologises again for yesterday’s problem with the site crashing.  Due to the amazing traffic it just couldn’t cope so we’ve moving to a bigger server. Should be a seamless transition with none of us even knowing it happened. Apparently!  So anyway down to biz, what is your style?  Do you guys know? I realise its super early for those of us living in the UK but do you fancy taking a quiz? It’s a fun one!

If you ask me what mine is I would say glam, boho a little bit rock n roll,  basically a hodge podge, but it’s a relaxed hodge podge. When I first started out I wasn’t  sure quite what my style was but without really thinking about I’ve gravitated towards pieces that marry glam with squidge – comforting, relaxing pieces that are also quite luxe.  If you can articulate your style and narrow it down it will really help you create  spaces that totally and utterly reflect you. If you’re not so sure of your style then  focus on the mood you want to create instead, either way lets do this quiz.

Ok so here are 4 sofa styles.  Which one would you choose?

TIP! Forget all the practical stuff like:  will it fit in the room, is the colour right will the kids/dogs/make it dirty. Ditch all that and base your decision purely from the heart it’s where all the good decisions come from! Which sofa would you instinctively select?


A = Laid back luxe

Good choice this is my sofa! I’ve had it for 14 years and haven’t reupholstered once. Its covered in a cashmere/velvet blend and the mood or the style it evokes is  supremely comfortable (it has the deepest seats) but also its super glam. I took a traditional style sofa and glammed it up with a luxurious fabric. Viola. I am obsessed with this style ( it’s quite a hard one to pull off) because often times when you think of luxury and glamour you don’t necessary marry it with a laid back vibe. However I do and I love!


B = Contemporary and loungy

Nice choice! Low slung, supremely comfortable and super contemporary I love the vibe of this sofa (not to mention the rest of the space). Again when you go contemporary it’s so easy to go down the sterile quite cold vibe but  this image takes this style to a whole other level, a beautiful one at that!


C = Formal but ballsy

If you plumped for this sofa it means you gravitate towards a style that is a little more formal and grown up. To knock such rooms out of the park and to not make them look super uptight throw in some oddball shots of colour like these guys have done with that intoxicating green on the sofa.Clever!


D = Boho and artsy

This sofa is unconventional, spirited, delightful and it rocks a little boho vibe at the same time, not bad for one piece of furniture hey!  It feels carefree and unique which pretty much  encapsulates boho interiors.

So what won out, do let me know would love to here!

Oh and if you’re about to buy a sofa sit back for a mo and consider the vibe. It’s actually one of the most important decisions your have to make as the style of it will have a knock on effect to everything else in your room. Consider it as an investment piece,  it should be something that will be with you for a long time so it will need to evolve as your taste evolves.  I’ve gone from a Scandi white pad to a dark, inky, glam  pad and my sofa has come on the journey with me and still works!